Our Team


Brenden Bull


I come to my passion for photography and video through a lifelong love of travel and road tripping that eventually grew into professional calling. 

I’ve had a camera in hand for every family outing, camping trip and car show since I was 12. Since then, I have loved finding new angles and discovering the beauty in all the different subjects I could capture, from my supermodel dog to the unique industrial landscapes of the city I call home. 

Let me be honest though, I also LOVE the toys. Having worked as an IT professional for over 10 years, I’m plugged into all the latest and greatest the tech industry has created to push the boundaries of cinematography. 

I’m a London native transplanted in Sarnia for over five years, and I am absolutely dedicated to growing and promoting all that our community has to offer. You’ll often catch me out on adventures with our Junior Editor Zoey. Stop and say hello if you see us!



Jr Editor

Hi! I’m Zoey and I am the real heart and soul of Beeyourself Media. 

I put in long hours in the editing booth, and am constantly supervising shoots to maintain the artistic standard I demand. I subject myself to dozens of weekly portraits and videos so our crew is always well versed in their equipment.

Full time, I am a model, both on Instagram and as a role model to all of my peers. I compete in agility competitions because I am almost too fast for my own good, and honestly sometimes could use the practice listening.

I LOVE going for long walks and bike rides out and about around Sarnia and can often be caught outside playing when the sun is shining.

 I’m the type of girl that makes friends everywhere I go. Come say ‘Hi’ if you spot me out with my person!