Real Estate Premium Add-ons

Our ulta-realistic video walkthroughs let you lead clients throughout your Sarnia listings from anywhere in the world. Pair this with drone footage to really show things off, and/or add a personal touch with an agent intro. Please check out our projects page for other examples. 

4k Aerial Video 

We use the latest and greatest aerial camera technology to provide cinamatic 4k Foorage
Video Add-on - $110

HD Aerial Photos

Aerial shots of your listing lets perspective buyers eperiance the big picture.
(5-7) Images - $110

Branded Agent Intro

Animated branded into and outro with contact information for walk through videos.
Video Add-on $110

Agent Video Commentary

On screen agent commentary for walk through video.
60/90/120 Seconds - $80/110/140

Online Booking - Select Desired Package

Why us?

Ultra HD 
4k Footage

We use the latest and greatest tcamera echnology paired with a 3 axis stabilizer to give your video the cinimatic look it deserves. 

Video Editing

We offer professonal video editing services for all real esate walk throughts. All videos come with complementary premium quality music to help keep your views engaged. 

Aerial Video Add-On Packages

We bring a fresh perspective to cinematography by specializing in cutting-edge film making mediums so you can beeyourself no matter where you are or what you're doing.